IVIS-12, learn from other industries to tackle IT #innovation (for #CPG, #Accenture whitepaper)

IVIS-12 – One of my personal pet peeves has been the reluctance of enterprises to learn how emerging technologies are being used in other industries.  Typically, references are for within the same industry as opposed to asking for general “best use case” or “best cost/benefit” references.

I absolutely agree that understanding and validating technology use within your own industry is important…  but this should be table stakes.

If IT is not concerned with other industry use cases, then IT by default is a follower and not a leader, satisfied with imitating competitors.

For IT to maintain a strategic leadership role, a cross-industry perspective is becoming increasingly important.

With that background, although this whitepaper is specific to CPG, there is a lot of applicability to any other industry potentially impacted by the four trends id’d in this paper Accenture-New-Era-Consumer-Packaged-Goods-Cloud-Computing :

1. excelling at customer facing processes
2. win channel/partner/vendor mind-share through data analytics
3. drive growth in emerging markets by strengthening infrastructure-related processes
4. increase performance from core and non-core business processes.


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