IVIS-23, Local “innovation” events – Mobile Gaming SIG at Boston Metrowest TechSandBox tonight

IVIS-23, Attend local “innovation” events, including innovation-specific focused events (e.g. http://mass.innovationnights.com/upcoming-event-dates) and others that may not have “innovation” in its name but feature innovation quite often.

Next step – register for the next event in your locale today while planning to get involved on a regular basis.

An example of a local event not having ‘innovation’ in its name is the Metrowest Tech Sandbox (western burbs of Boston, close to Worcester, MA). Tonight’s event is one example: Mobil Gaming UX SIG at TechSandBox: special demo… Tickets, Southborough – Eventbrite.

Regarding Innovation Nights, while originally launched in Massachusetts, Innovation Nights has and is expanding (SoCal, Germany, etc.).  Helping launch a local chapter should be on an CIO’s “to do” list, potentially using an intern to get started.

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