IVIS-30, IT Innovation via job titles…yes, job titles (e.g. Info Systems Pharmacist example included)

IVIS-30, IT Innovation via job titles…yes, job titles

Next Step – Come up with a few possible creative job titles and use them when you feel it appropriate and when you feel comfortable with what you have chosen.  This may mean only for new roles or for new people but make it professionally catchy.

With internal IT needing to proactively communicate their business value to their company, its demand and supply chains and even to its customers, the more positive awareness IT can build, the better.   Positive awareness will increase IT’s  opportunity to demonstrate the true business value it can bring.

While using a catchy IT job title may seem trite or contrived to some, if the spirit is one of professionally promoting uniqueness of a role, it won’t be perceived in that manner.  The below is a great example, even though it is not a new title…..it is innovative and catchy though, isn’t it?  BTW, the below is a currently live job opening harkening back to IVIS-25 http://www.itconnecter.com/2013/07/19/ivis-25-innovate-in-it-through-open-networking-and-paying-it-forward-cio-ctoit-vpdirector-job-postings/ .

Information Systems Pharmacist

About the Job

Radius Specialty Hospital – Boston is one of the region’s premier long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH) that combines outstanding clinical expertise and an accomplished, dedicated staff.  At Radius, we have a single focus; providing exceptional specialized, long-term acute care.  Radius is also the region’s only specialty hospital to offer patients private rooms.  We specialize in respiratory care requiring ventilator support, neurological disorders, cardio-pulmonary care and acute rehabilitation.  We have the following position available:

Information Services Pharmacist 

This position is responsible for the Meditech Pharmacy Dictionaries and to ensure they are functioning correctly to support the foundation for Meditech CPOE Module.  The Meditech Dictionaries include but are not limited to the following for Meditech Magic 5.0 or greater:  Drug Dictionary, Rule Dictionary, E-MAR, Quantity Dictionary, Schedule Dictionary, Customer Defined Screens and any other overlap of the Meditech Pharmacy Dictionaries such as E-MAT, BMV and CPOE. The IS Pharmacist is also responsible for providing support to the staff for computer realted issues.      


Minimum of two years’ experience working with Meditech Magic 5.0 or greater.  Experience with Meditech Pharmacy Applications.  Registered pharmacist in Massachusetts and must have a minimum of two years hospital pharmacy experience

RSH is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, ancestry, martial or veteran status.  

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