CMO and CIO, who will lead technology strategy? and with what?

…interesting morning…by 9:30am EST, I had discussed the concept of TBM and CIOs and the role of CMOs and their need for something similar.

From my conversation with a  marketing guru (ex-VP of Marketing at major consumer brand), I surmised that managing “IT as a business” as a CIO rallying point for TBM should really be evolving to managing  “technology as a business.”

While this blog has mentioned the leading TBM / ITFBM platforms such as VMWare IT Business Management (e.g. Digital Fuel), Apptio and ComSci, only a few within these companies seem to understand the shift from “IT spend” to “technology spend.”

If a CMO starts researching their own TBM /ITFBM platforms, they would most likely lead with and its ecosystem.   Visit and and ( ) and you see the makings of  a “next gen CMO ERP system.”    ….and its not only the 800-pound gorilla driving the movement to integrated “TBM / ITFBM- like CMO platforms; witness .  Sprinkle into this CRM/SFA/PRM mix a IT financial software element for cost transparency and, voila, you have an early version of a CMO-focused TBM / ITFBM platform.  

The parallel question to “CMO and CIO, who will lead technology strategy? ” then becomes “and with what technology will they use to manage their own technology as a business?”  Will it be the CIO-focused vendor platforms?  Will it be the CMO-focused platforms?  Or will it be an integration of both?

As this topic moves from the awareness stage to the action stage for leaders, CIOs (as well as their CMO brethren) may want to visit the upcoming FutureM event in Boston in October (…witness the keynote:

” Transformative forces have elevated CMOs to the hottest new technology buying center and advanced them a seat closer to the President in the boardroom. However, the CMO is under pressure. The self-educated customer is driving unprecedented change in the marketing function. Big data, new automation, and an explosion of communication channels all require fundamental new mastery. With these new pressures, the marketing organization cannot act in isolation as it has in the past. An effective CMO+CIO relationship must be created and nurtured.”


Kathleen Schaub,Vice President, IDC’s CMO Advisory Practice








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