CommScope and DC of future event = business impacting

Thanks to Commscope for a great event today in Boston Commscope event….few notes from session:

…Commscope is $3B+ co, from Bell/Lucent days, focus on Layer 1
…why should people care about Layer 1?
…due to the increase in load and continued need for consistent performance
…examples include going from 1GbE to 10GbE yields 80% improvement in Big Data apps and per user storage needs to reach 130TB (yes, TB) by 2020 so need viable “plumbing” to move that data
– Cat3 and Cat5 which was big reason for Cisco success in 10Mbs 20 + yrs ago now being engineered as Cat8 (twisted pair) for 40Gbs; research begun on 400Gbs and even 1TB over fiber
….Impactful across entire industry including future success of virtualization, cloud, SDN

…1B new “on net” consumers by 2020 while “complexity” of business also increasing
…Inefficient data centers will be turned off = think of whether it makes sense to have your own DC? Can you keep current? Should you with uptick in network upload speeds?
…industry impact – hcare industry is 30% of data today and will exist in perpuity (family history, etc)
…from 2010 to 2020, 40x increase in data, from 1 zetabyte to 40 zetabytes globally
….dynamic infrastructure needs driven by VM density/mobility, SDN and “East-West” traffic patterns, which refers to a “matrix” need for data access rather than solely “hierarchical” (think of social media data)
….re:SDN, HCare, dynamically access “specialist” data if/when need, eliminate need to preconfigure connectivity specialist data by specialist data
…re:SDN, what about dynamic low-cost routing and impact on internal svc catalog/costing? On telco network pricing? Creating market for network additional capacity?

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