Fascinating Research – The (Social) Good #Jobs Strategy for #Retail from TedxCambridge| MIT Sloan Executive Education Blog

Wow, very powerful stuff and I think Starbucks may fit this model as well, given what I’ve heard about their employee benefits program.  To add to this study, having a truly integrated online and physical company adds more value to the retail employee as both an advisor and member of the local community…if only struggling retailers such as Sears and Best Buy understood that or were at least willing to try and learn….

“This strategy is not just an academic ideal; Ton presented a glimpse of her research, which shows how this strategy has enabled retailers—who have adopted this approach—such as Costco, Mercadona SA, Trader Joe’s, and QuikTrip to both provide good jobs and to earn profits doing so. It is, however, a complex strategy that requires long-term thinking. Nonetheless, it’s workable, sustainable, and everyone wins.”

via The Good Jobs Strategy for Retail from TedxCambridge| MIT Sloan Executive Education Blog | MIT Sloan Executive Education Blog.

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