Simulation, the Future of Innovation

“In effect, we’re increasingly moving towards a simulation economy, where strategic analysis gives way to reconstructing phenomena from real world data, testing hypotheses and learning”.

“What’s important here is that executives will no longer have to “bet it all on a big idea”…but can test countless “what if” scenarios before taking the plunge.  The result will be not only better efficiency, but undoubtedly greater creativity as well.

Icosytem, a firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts is going beyond physical objects and helping organizations design processes as well, using a technique called agent based modeling. For example, they helped Pepsi understand how to better position its products by modeling how consumers move through a supermarket.

As Paolo Gaudiano, President of Icosystem notes, “ten years ago maybe one in twenty prospective clients had heard about agent-based simulation. Today it’s about one in five. Ten years from now you’ll be able to buy shrink-wrapped agent-based simulation software at Staples.”

That’s why the future of innovation is simulation.  Whereas before, we might sit amongst ourselves and decide how the world might work and test our ideas in the market,

now we can test them in a virtual environment built by real world data at much lower levels of cost and risk”.

via Innovation Excellence | Why Simulation is the Future of Innovation.

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