IVIS-40; Valuable Niche Vendors Exist, FIND THEM! @ValueLicensing #MultivendorParts @Follow_Comsci @LiquidwareLabs @usabilla @Okta

Next Step:   Create a consistent, ongoing process to get niche vendors in your IT radar today.  They can save you money, provide you greater efficiencies/effectiveness or all three.  As importantly, innovation achieved in using niche vendors can help increase the perception of IT as a corporate innovator. 

The concept of working with 3rd party experts in emerging technology vendor management (VaaS*), those who can rapidly understand your specific environment and introduce emerging vendors to you on a consistent and ongoing basis, is one worth considering, given your competition may already be using  the following examples and numerous others:

  • valuelicensing.com
  • multivendorparts.com (great example of a niche vendor; yes, many companies offer this type service, but at no charge?)
  • comsci.com (or even the old Digital Fuel, now known as VMWare’s ITBM Suite)
  • liquidwarelabs.com
  • usabilla.com
  • okta.com (mentioned in this blog a while ago, even more market momentum now)

* Refers back to the Best’s Review VaaS article (Vendor Management as a Service, currently the lead article at http://www.itconnecter.com/technology-articles/, niche vendors should be a “secret weapon” for IT to use to begin strengthening their role in corporate innovation.  The almost four-year old article cites VMWare as a specific example of how powerful a tool early adopters found them to be, and also mentions Desktone, now part of VMWare, and the value of cloud for virtual desktops.  In the nearly four years since the article, nothing has changed regarding the need for IT to focus on providing strategic value to the enterprise; having on-prem VDI was not and is not one of those strategic differentiators.  The adoption of cloud workspaces, whether it is VMWare, Amazon, Citrix or others, is where corporate IT should be focused, not on adding non-strategic and complex infrastructure technology to manage on-prem.

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