From a Best’s Review article published in December of 2010, the role of emerging technology vendors as one tool for IT to use in helping evolve their “innovation ability” is reviewed. Effectively using a 3rd party “emerging-technology-focused” consultant can increase both IT’s effectiveness and efficiency in introducing new technologies to their company, as discussed in this article VaaS, Best’s Review, December, 2010 .

There are a few key factors to ensure this (vendor-management-as-a-service)  is successful:

  • the CIO understands, and is willing to commit to an innovation culture within IT
  • the CIO understands today’s business user is already expanding their own technology innovation capability due to trends such as BYOD, data/BI and social media
  • the value of an independent partner is understood.

The independent partner must be willing to invest time to understand IT’s existing environment (technical, organizational and cultural).  Just as importantly, they must have broad knowledge across IT, from end-devices to networks to databases to applications, since all portions of IT have interdependencies.


Looking forward to your perspectives....